Want to build amazing looking websites? You've come to the right place! Purdue's Web Dev Club teaches anyone and everyone how to program and build their own websites from scratch!


Who can join?

Anyone who wants to learn how to make their own websites!
Students from all fields, majors, and experience levels are welcome!

I already know the basics. Why should I join?

Good news. We not only have a bootcamp for beginners, but also
a module for more experienced people, with tutorials on technologies
they want to learn about, along with many tech-talks by corporate sponsors
and senior students. It's worth joining!

What if I miss a meeting? How can I catch up?

We will be recording our meetings and uploading them for
members to review their knowledge or cover up missed meetings.

Sounds fun! When does the club meet?

Club Meetings are at 6:00 PM on Mondays and Thursdays.

Sign up for our mailing list by filling the form here for important updates including locations and agendas for meetings!

Maneesh Tewani

Co-Founder, President, and Lead Web Developer

"If something is in beta, it's not bleeding edge enough."

Maneesh Tewani grew up in St. Louis, MO. He currently works at Oasis Digital Solutions as the Intern Team Leader. He has been working and teaching HTML, CSS & JavaScript along with the popular front-end Framework, AngularJS for the past two years.

Besides working, he spends his time learning new front-end technologies, answering questions on Quora and reading up on Star Wars: The Force Awakens' Snoke theories.

Anubhav Saxena

Co-Founder, Webmaster, Web Developer

"Hell0 w0rld."

Anubhav Saxena is from Mumbai, India. A freshman at Purdue, programming since 6 years, he has a wide range of experience in software, scripting, mobile dev, and web dev. He has years of experience in basic front and back end, and knowledge of a large number of frameworks.

A guitarist, DJ, beatboxer, sportsman, and major league gamer, and loves creating hacking scripts and programs in his free time.

Abhijeet Chakrabarti

Co-Founder and Treasurer

"Code your Dreams. Decode your Future."

Abhijeet is a young freshman at Purdue University, who has big ambitions to make the world a better place through constructive use of technology. He is a content creator at heart. Logistics and details are his friends.

While not weaving content, Abhijeet can be found wandering off-trail in the woods, hanging by the cliffs, or building cool tech in a coffee shop! Or, competing in FIFA.

Avadhoot Joshi

Co-Founder and Vice President

"We can only see a short distance ahead, but we can see plenty there that needs to be done.-Alan Turing"

Avadhoot Joshi is a freshman at Purdue University. He envisions improving human life through technology and works towards that goal.

Besides programming, he enjoy playing badminton, reading fiction, and watching TV.